Ann Marie Beads is a Platinum Level Trollbeads Dealer in Minocqua, Wisconsin WI

Ann Marie’s and Denmark’s Trollbeads are a perfect match! The Nielsen/Aargaard family sees life’s most important moments and memories as collectable, and designs unique beads to commemorate each and every one.

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the family-owned firm has expanded from its iconic six silver Trollbead faces to some 600 bead designs, and has invited the best Danish designers to add their own unique spin on the jewelry.

We invite you to start your own family tradition of collecting memorable moments and their reminders via Trollbeads unique jewelry designs. Start a new necklace or bracelet for a newborn, or for a child who is graduating high school or college, or make a personalized memento for Mom or Grandma that reminds her of all the best moments you’ve shared as a family.

Remember that we offer distinctive gift wrapping for your purchases! Thank you for shopping Ann Marie’s!
Every story has a bead. Begin your journey here at Ann Marie Beads, a Trollbeads Platinum Level Dealer. The first Trollbeads were crafted in Copenhagen in 1976 by the same family of silversmiths and jewelers who oversee this creative endeavor today.